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Custom creations are what The Bloodhound Shop is all about! If you see something on the site you want customized, or if you have an idea that’s all your own, send us a message here! Below is a list of the information Frank will need:

If choosing an EXISTING design:

  1. Tell us which design you would like customized – include names and any changes you would like. Customizations are priced on a case by case basis starting at $75.

If choosing to CREATE A CUSTOM design:

  1. Photos of the dog(s) you would like drawn. *Remember these are not dog portraits, just dog-likenesses.
  2. A description of what you would like to see the dog(s) doing. Please also include as much detail as possible in what you would like the final image to represent. (Example: “I would like a solid red bloodhound reading a cookbook, wearing horn-rimmed glasses, and a blue flowered cooking apron. Could she also be cooking, like stirring a pot? And it needs to say ‘Homestyle Hound’s Kitchen’ either above or below the picture.”)



  1. There will be three (3) changes allowed before the final image is released. Changes after that will require additional payment. Additional changes are $35 per change.
  2. Let us know what your intentions are for your custom creation. (Creation, use, and ownership outlined below.)
  3. Please include your best contact information in the form. Frank will be in touch with a creation consult and Caitlin will handle the ‘office work’.


**Prices vary for each work of art – Custom drawings start @ $75 up to three dogs, $150 for four dogs, more dogs (characters) can be added and will be priced accordingly. The original, hand colored, and framed artwork can be made available by request starting at $400 or framed prints can be purchased from a Collection in The Bloodhound Shop.

The USE of the completed image is included in the price. OWNERSHIP of the completed image starts at $400. Each character drawn is the COPYRIGHTED property of Frank Roberson, The Bloodhound Shop, and Ink Slingers Cartoon Co.

CREATION – Each image can be added to a “Collection” of merchandise on The Bloodhound Shop website. Discounts are available for custom work with purchases of 3 or more items from the newly created Collection of that work.

USE – The USE of a custom design is limited to social media images such as avatars, email attachments, personal website image, etc. It cannot be used for profit or marketing in any way.

OWNERSHIP – The ownership of a logo gives you the freedom to use your custom image AS DESIGNED for logos, advertisement, and resale. You will own the rights to the image and are free to use the image as you see fit. AS DESIGNED means that the characters will remain the property of Frank Roberson, The Bloodhound Shop, and Ink Slingers Cartoon Co. and cannot be separated from any names, slogan, or any other part of the original created design at any time. 



My name is Frank Roberson and I am the creator of two popular comic strips, "Maximus" and launching soon, "Max & Molly".

The designs you see here are a product of Molly, my real life Bloodhound sidekick, and her popularity on social media. It all began with a request to make a shirt with a hound on it.

Ink Slinger Cartoons is located in Northern California and we have been in business since 2009.

Please reach out or follow us on twitter @inkslingertoons or Facebook at Ink slinger Cartoons and Instagram at faroberson.